UBOAT Gameplay | U-48 Career | Securing Norway | PT.4

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In this episode of UBOAT we take on the final mission to secure a swift victory in Norway. Along the way however we encounter a destroyer that required us to take swift action that very well might see our UBOAT sinking tot he bottom of the North Sea.

UBOAT is a WW2 submarine simulator game where you are a captain of a UBOAT. As the captain it will be up to you to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies for your UBOAT and be able to manage your crew. You will be faced with very tough challenges and even tougher decisions that you will have to make on the fly.

The UBOAT campaign takes place between 1939 - 1945 and will see you patrolling all over the Atlantic in hunt for lone ships and large convoys. After spotting your target you will have the challenge on manually imputing all the proper information before finally firing your torpedo and watching as you send thousands of tons worth of shipping to the bottom of the ocean. Did I mention that should you not want to use a torpedo to sink a ship, you have the mighty 88 mm deck gun!

Accept mission and be rewarded through a leveling system in game that allows you to upgrade your officers and give them special abilities that will help you in your future campaigns. Completing missions will also reward you with currency that you can use to upgrade your UBOAT and make it even more difficult for the enemy to discover you and better yet...sink you.

Buy equipment for you crew, gather information to acquire new specialized torpedo's, and send your officers on missions to discover new and special tasks through the world map.

This is your boat and you get to command it however you like. Happy hunting!

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